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Gift and Care Packages


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Illness Recovery and Get Well Soon 

We have personalised Get Well Soon Gifts that are perfect for as a heartfelt gesture while admitted to hospital or as a welcome home from hospital.  We have survival kits for suffering from headaches, muscle aches and pains or from a debilitating bad back. the ideal gift to support recovery and improve wellbeing.

Pregnancy and Post Birth Recovery

We have unique gifts and care packages aimed at expecting mums or the recovering new mum. Our Postpartum Recovery kits are the perfect gift especially when most gifts for the new mum tend to concentrate on baby and forget about the mum.  Our gifts feel like a luxurious personalised gift that also helps to improve the mental wellbeing and physical recovery of the pregnant or new mum.

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Mental Health and Wellbeing Packages

We have wellbeing and mindfulness gift and care packages all aiming to provide a little selfcare, TLC and improve mental wellbeing.  We don't approve of stereotypes but acknowledge different people like different things so we have packages tailored especially to men's mental wellbeing and teenager wellbeing.