Image by Ferdinand Stöhr

A Bit About Us

Behind the Scenes

Since entering in to a career in the Healthcare Industry, I have grown more and more intrigued at the idea of being able to combine my experience in helping other people through life changing experiences, both positive and negative, and starting up a small business to help support my growing family.

After some recent challenging events at home, I have decided to take the plunge and create Heartfelt Gestures. The reason is simple; to help provide people going through tough or exciting times, with a gift or care package to let them know they are loved, thought about, or to provide the means to take a moment for themselves to reflect and administer some much needed self care.

The focus of Heartfelt Gestures is around mindfulness and wellbeing. This is a particularly relevant topic at the minute, given the COVID-19 Pandemic and a subsequent increase in fear, worry and concern for ourselves or family members, as well as the often inevitable feelings of loneliness which can accompany isolation and a lack of contact.

Heartfelt Gestures provides thoughtful gifts, care packages, and products focussed on wellbeing in order to give a much needed boost to someone close to us.