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Wellbeing Gifts and Care Packages

Pregnancy, Postpartum/Postnatal, Hospital Recovery, Get Well Soon, Mental Health and Wellbeing


Heartfelt Gestures are passionate about the emotion and thought that blossoms at the heart of every gift. 

At Heartfelt Gestures we provide beautiful, personalised gift and care packages all aimed at providing a little self care while improving mental health and wellbeing.

Our gift boxes are individually hand packed and wrapped to provide a unique and personalised gift.  We add a personalised gift tag (if desired) with each gift box.

All of our gift and care packages  provide specially selected products to provide a luxurious self care gift that improves physical and mental wellbeing. Our overall aim being to provide truly unique gifts beaming with thought and care that actually means something. Our gifts celebrate the true emotion that sits at the heart of gift giving.

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Mindfulness and mental health

Gifts and Care packages for a little 'pick me up'. Designed to help relax and slow things down a notch. Our aim is for our gift and care packages to show thought and encourage a little pamper and self-care.

Our gift packages are underpinned by wellbeing and mindfulness. Taking time to be aware of ourselves, our surroundings and be in the present moment can have a huge benefit to wellbeing and give perspective. 

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The New Mum- Pregnancy and Postpartum

Pregnancy and childbirth is an amazing life changing event but this can bring with its own unique challenges.  Pregnancy can bring uncomfortable symptoms such as sickness, tiredness, aches and pains, Following on from this, birth can sometimes leave new mums feeling uncomfortable and sore.

This is why we have created a collection of gift care packages to support wellbeing throughout pregnancy and aid holistic postpartum recovery.  We have boxes designed to support physical recovery along with mental and emotional wellbeing all in view to help the new mum feel ready to take on the beautiful journey of motherhood. Each box has an element of pamper and self-care to feel like a luxurious yet practical gift.  Finally, a new mum gift that will reach out to her in a positive meaningful way. 

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Get Well Soon Gifts

Hospital Recovery, Illness Recovery

It's a nice and supportive gesture to take a gift when visiting a loved one who is unwell or recovering. Bringing a gift into hospital can really make someone feel much better. Due to COVID you may not be able to be there in person so a care package really can be a beautiful can heartfelt way to reach out.

Knowing what to give can sometimes be difficult and these days flowers are not the best option. Hospitals no longer allow them on nursing wards. Hospitals can be impersonal, uncomfortable, boring and sometimes scary and recovering at home can bring isolation and loneliness. So a gift care package to offer comfort and warmth is very much welcomed. A gift that can bring a little bit of care and thought to the bedside and be a personalised gesture that can provide a entertainment and help things seem not so lonely or scary can mean the world.

Our gift and care packages aim to do just that, supporting physical recovery and restoration following illness or a hospital admission.

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We provide free standard delivery on all our gift and care packages. We only delivery to UK addresses. Simply find your gift, tell us if you would like a personalised gift tag and we will do the rest.



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We are currently working on our postpartum recovery range and are really excited to share!

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